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Founded in 1995, SEEDS inspires kids’ love for learning and has been growing future leaders through outdoor nature education, discovery learning, and civic awareness.   


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Year-Round Programs

SEEDS offers many programs year-round at SEEDS – Blacksburg Nature Center. 

We work with the VT Biological Sciences Outreach Program, and the Town of Blacksburg Dept. of Parks & Recreation, to offer nature center programs and in-class and field trip opportunities.  We explore our New River watershed environment and facilitate  kids appreciation for the importance of being an active community citizen.

Since 1995, we have worked on a project titled “Freshwater Heritage of Blacksburg” which teams up Virginia Tech undergraduates with local K-12 age kids in an effort to learn more about and protect Stroubles Creek and the Stroubles Creek Watershed.

We collaborate with the Virginia Tech Perspective Gallery to provide weekly Art-In-Nature themed activities. Through painting, drawing, and crafts kids get to interpret the wonders of our natural world.
16 Frogs Watershed Initiative: SEEDS is the non-profit agent and a founding supporter of this project. We regularly take small groups to see some of the frogs as we learn about our local watersheds.

Contact SEEDS if you are interested in joining us on a local project or want more information!

Some of our current and past projects have included:

  • Stream and Park Clean-ups
  • Save Our Streams” assessment
  • Nature Center Exhibit Design
  • VT Service Learning & VT Engage Projects
  • Local Hikes
  • Freshwater Heritage of Blacksburg Walking Tours
  • Fairs & Community Events
  • In-class visits and class field trips to the nature center
  • What color is water” art projects with the VT Perspective Gallery
  • Peace Project“…making puzzles depicting scenes from nature with the VT Perspective Gallery